It's made in Oregon and shipped to us twice a week. It's real yogurt, not a reconstituted powder mix. Our yogurts have between 100 million and 400 million live and active cultures per gram.

Most flavors are gluten free. We have vegan and no sugar added options, and also unsweetened Greek yogurt. Our topping bar has fresh fruit, nuts, chocolates, gummy candies, cereals, cookies, and--for the ultra healthy--flax and chia seeds. 

We triple wash our fruit and try very hard to separate nuts from the rest of the toppings, but if  you ever want something new or are worried about cross contamination, don't be too timid to say something. We love making customers feel at home. 

Welcome to Yogurtini Phoenix. The best yogurt store. 

store: 602 358 7481

william's cell: 480 981 7227

open until midnight, every night.